Monday, August 15, 2011

A year later

It has been over a year since Dominic came into our lives- fourteen months, to be exact. I haven't kept up on this blog because I have turned my blogging time over to our private blog for Dom. It's kind of his baby book, I guess. All his new tricks and habits, cute things he does, etc. However, I figured since it has been a long time, I can at least update on our lives today. Dominic is the happiest, funnest, craziest little boy ever. He walks about half the time. He eats like he is a teenager (I can only imagine how he'll chow when is a teen!), and he is adored by everyone- family, friends, and strangers alike!

As for our adoption, it is an open one. We didn't know exactly what his birth mom wanted at first, but we could not be happier with how things have worked out. He has his family here, and his birth family in Arizona. We have gotten to go down there once and we're hoping to go again this winter. We stay in touch with his birth mom and his two sisters. We miss them all the time- there are moments when Dominic is making a certain face or doing some little thing, and I see his sister in him--- I honestly don't even know how to describe that feeling- it's pure love. And I love how adoption has expanded our family, not only with a child of our own, but an entire crew from Arizona as well.

This picture sums up his life- he finds entertainment in the most random things. I swear he climbed in and out of this box (usually needing my help to get out- lol) for a good half hour. Like a said, crazy, cute little dude. :D

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